Heal Your Gut - Change Your Life! - Ep. 069

In today's episode, Kylene introduces Holly, a college student who found Kylene on Youtube and decided to work with her to address 8 years of chronic gut issues that became so problematic they were affecting her ability to live life the way she wanted. After some functional lab testing, lifestyle and nutrition changes, Holly went from avoiding social situations, to seeking them out and from exhausted to consistent energy through the day!

Holly shares what was difficult, what got her through it, and how she feels now!

We can't wait for you to hear Holly's amazing story of transformation as well as her positive and happy attitude through it all.

Interested in working together? Click this link to set up a free functional health assessment to discover if working together is the right fit! https://go.oncehub.com/Kylene

Kylene Terhune