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East Meets West in Healthcare - Ep. 010

Welcome to Episode 10 of The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast. As a student of all things health, Kylene wants to share some outside-of-the-box health methods, so today she and her husband Patrick Terhune welcome special guest Dr. Andrew Dyer, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Nutritionist. Dr. Dyer has practiced medicine for 13 years at Take 2 Health Care. He’s joining us to talk about the perfect blend of Eastern medicine and Western medicine. Thanks for tuning in!


Dr. Dyer begins by explaining what your “chi” is. Your chi is the energy of your body and when it is out of alignment, the body won’t be able to function at its optimal level. 


He teaches us about the yin and yang of our organs and about the meridians, or pathways, that run along the body. 


Acupuncture, which is a form of Chinese medicine, is becoming more common in the western world and just like chiropractic medicine, is bringing new treatment options to individuals who suffer from health issues or chronic conditions. 


Try a balanced approach when it comes to your health. Western medicine has wonderful benefits to life-saving medicine, but eastern medicine also has much to offer with regard to promoting health. 


Are you wondering how to chose an acupuncturist or practitioner in your area? Dr. Dyer recommends that you should feel comfortable with the individual. Find out if they have case studies on their website that are more than just testimonials. Is there a friendly voice on the other end of the line who can let you know what to expect and who can give you some estimates on cost? And, board certification is always a plus. 


Thanks for tuning in today and we'll be back next week!

The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast teaches you how to balance your hormones, eat what you want, release the guilt, and have freedom mentally and physically from the restrictive mentality of dieting. Your host, Kylene “The Tiny Fit Diva,” is the right person to help you do it! She is a personal trainer, online health coach, wife, stepmom and a certified FDN practitioner. It’s Kylene's passion to help you achieve and claim your optimum health. 

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To reach out to Dr. Andrew Dyer:

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