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Metabolism, Stress and Hormones Demystified with Dr. Jade Teta - Ep. 014

Welcome back for another amazing podcast! Today your very own Tiny Fit Diva, Kylene Terhune is interviewing Integrative Physician Jade Teta, demystifying metabolism, stress and hormones. Tune in to learn more!

Jade is an Integrative Physician, Author and Cofounder of Metabolic Effect. He is an inspiring guide on the journey of human health and self development.

Let’s talk about female metabolism. A woman’s body is designed to create life. Women have narrow and sensitive stress barometer. It’s asking, "Am I healthy enough to have a baby, carry it to term and support it?” So, issues with hunger, energy, cravings, and low libido, are a sign that your metabolism is not that happy with you. This is why fasting Keto diets or too much cardio might not work for you while they may work just fine for someone else. 

We can learn a lot by taking a close look at the menstrual cycle. On days 1-14 estrogen dominates. Estrogen is a stress shield. It helps you hold on to muscle so you can eat more and you can exercise hard. The body is saying let’s prepare the body for implantation. On days 14-28 the body wants to calm down and chill. 

Let’s look at how metabolism is affected by a woman’s cycle and ways women are sabotaging their metabolism. The biggest answer here is stress. Women have a lot of pressure to present a certain way, to look good and to be smart, make money, manage the household and be a good mom, and they don’t want to ask for help a lot. It’s amazing! Women should switch out of the mindset of doing and being everything. Remember: you cannot do extreme things for extreme periods of time.

How does stress feel?  Cortisol is a stress hormone that causes cravings. If you’re choosing comfort foods over salad. If your libido is low, your body may being telling you that it isn’t fit reproduce. Looking at if from a biochemistry point of view: you can’t feel cortisol. The wired feeling that you feel when you’re stressed, that’s adrenaline. That’s short term. The body can deal with that nicely, that kind of anxiety and be dealt with with some exercise. Long term stress, or cortisol, can be worked through with walking. hot baths, epsom salt baths, sauna time, power naps and physical affection. Let you metabolism know that it has the resources it needs.

What kind of exercise suits you? Exercise enough so that you feel energized but not exhausted. Start with 3 times per week and listen to your body. Jade teaches how to tell if running is the right exercise for your metabolism type. First of all, the objective of exercise is not to loose weight; it is to feel tighter and more athletic. The diet aspect of your health plan is what will help the fat fall off. Jade recommends a vegetable-based diet with lean protein to keep you full. Research is not clear on fat and starch. 

What can you look for on a label? Real food yes is always best, but when you are on-the-go, which convenient foods are the most likely to replicate “real food.”

What we do know is that we can identify the aspects of “real food” so that you can make sure to mimic that in your diet. Look for foods that are high in fiber and protein, and low in starch, fat and sugar. 

How do you manage your hunger? You should be able to feel hungry, ride that wave and have it dissipate. It’s a process of slowly controlling things. Fasting can be beneficial because you learn to control hunger and manage that feeling. Fasting is just one of the tools you can use, but it’s not the only tool in your tool box. Again, your metabolism will want you to change it up over time. 

In all things Jade recommends being open to new ideas. Check him out at:

Thanks for tuning in today and we'll be back next week!

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