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5 Steps to Your Best Sleep Ever - Ep 007

Rise and shine! Are you feeling rested? We sure hope you had a good night's sleep last night, but just in case you didn't we have some amazing advice for you today!  Welcome to Episode 007 of The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast where Kylene and Patrick Terhune talk about how to get the best sleep of your life!

Along with other pillars of good health like: nutrition, friendship, community and spirituality; sleep is pillar of health. We absolutely need quality sleep in order to function and stay healthy.

Kylene works with clients one-on-one or in group settings to discover hidden causes of stress in the body which, over time, cause dis-ease in the body. Now it may take months or years to show up, but when you start to feel the effects of your stressful, hardworking lifestyle, be sure to listen very carefully to your body. When symptoms start to appear seek the heart of the matter. Now, Kylene has all the warm feelings for the medical community. They are so good at what they’ve been trained to do, which is to save your life when you are in an emergency situation, but they’re not really trained with helping you live your optimal life. 

When it comes to caring for the body, sleep is crucial for your endocrine system (hormones), your digestive system, your liver health (detoxification pathways), your immune system, etc. With those lab results she creates your own personalized protocol which includes nutrition, rest, movement, stress reduction and appropriate supplementation for nutrients or vitamins that are missing from the body and also to support systems and organs in the body that are struggling.

The negative effects of insufficient sleep are becoming more and more recognized. Whereas good sleep supports your immune system, hormones, metabolism, brain function and increases physical energy. Wow!  Please listen in for Kylene's 5 tips to you best sleep ever: 

1.  Set up a bedtime routine. Especially try to get to bed before 11pm because sleep before midnight is going to help your natural circadian rhythm.

2.  Try blue light-blocking glasses so you can block the artificial blue light which stimulates your brain when you’re watching a screen near bedtime.

3.  Lower the temperature of your room at night. This mimics the natural cooling of the Earth at night and promotes good sleep.

4.  Write down everything that’s on your mind right before bed, especially your to-do list items.

5.  Limit caffeine before noon. 

The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast teaches you how to balance your hormones, eat what you want, release the guilt, and have freedom mentally and physically from the restrictive mentality of dieting. Your host, Kylene “The Tiny Fit Diva,” is the right person to help you do it! She is a personal trainer, online health coach, wife, stepmom and a certified FDN practitioner. It’s Kylene's passion to help you achieve and claim your optimum health. 

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