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"I had a painless period last month...I learned a lot. Thank you for the experience and motivation!" L.M.

"Kylene you really are one in a million. I feel like I have changed for reals. Not a diet quick change, but a way of life. I'm not scared to eat and I don't feel like I am missing out on anything...I can't believe the amount of energy and clarity I have. I can't thank you enough." M.S.

"I feel fantastic! Joint pain - GONE! six pounds of fat  - GONE! The hubby on board and dropping weight too." T.R.

"I ran today! I feel absolutely fantastic. Like flipping amazing! Thank you so much." S.P.

"Oh and I lost 6 more pounds...kind of nuts. I am not working out. It's literally falling off of me.....I have lost a total of 15 pounds. All by changing my habits. Thank YOU for that!" C.B.

"I'm down 4 pounds from when we started, and I'm feeling so much better and more comfortable with myself. My gut just feels better and I hardly ever bloat. It's amazing what eating h right things and avoiding food sensitivities can do!" S.S.

"I've always been a 'caffeine queen'.....Amazingly to me I've made it down to 1 cup in the morning, well before noon. I have seen a huge difference in the quality of my sleep....I've lost weight and am getting to the bottom of issues I've been experiencing for years." S.L.